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The combination of our expertise in technology and logistics, allowed us to develop our own proprietary technology. All our software is developed in a modern framework which allows us to customize each application to our customer’s requirements. Our team of engineers turnaround each application quickly in a secure cloud-based environment.

Our ShipTIS platform automates the shipping process for greater efficiency. For shippers, ShipTIS is a portal for accessing detailed shipment information, live tracking, and requesting a pick-up. It is the hub and visual aid for all your current and past shipments conducted by TIS. Alternatively, carriers access the ShipTIS portal to bid on shipments, upload PODs, and provide live status updates. ShipTIS is a live marketplace exclusively for the TIS network. This automation results in less overhead allowing us to pass the cost savings back to the client. Our entire portal is API and EDI ready for both shippers and carriers.

  • ShipTIS Portal. Every shipment is conducted through our portal and accessed by both clients and carriers.
  • Managed TMS. Gain access to our proprietary TMS to instantly book your own freight, request rates, experience real-time track & trace, and collaboratively freight plan.
  • Capacity Analysis. We understand the shippers and industries that are competing for capacity within your lanes by using our extensive freight insights and shipper database tools.
  • Carrier and Bid Management. Our unique rating system allows us to set metrics for your carriers based upon safety and performance. We use this analysis to manage your RFP and contract freight to the optimal carrier.
  • Mode and Route Optimization. We help you build out the optimal route and mode of transportation by analyzing your shipping lanes, transit time, capacity, and cost.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting. We transform your raw data into visual reports used for analysis and decision-making.

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